In a world where transient glitter is often mistaken for pianistic excellence, Anderson offered

that rare commodity: an ability to speak through music without hint of artifice.

– The Washington Post

Mark Anderson is currently Assistant Professor in Piano and Chamber Music at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Soon after starting at UBC, he quickly established himself as a serious and committed pedagogue at the highest level for undergrad and graduate students through the DMA level.

Elsewhere, Mark Anderson has become one of America’s most respected pianists and masterclass artists. His continued success as a performer and recording artist is testimony to his artistic achievement. Having been a prizewinner at such prestigious international competitions as the Leeds, Busoni, Tokyo, Kapell, and Dublin, Mr. Anderson now enjoys a list of rewarding engagements as recording artist, soloist, recitalist and chamber musician.

In addition to recording and performing, Mark is the executive director of New World Music Academy in Pleasanton, California.

Julius Röntgen Mark Anderson

This is the second in the series of recordings dedicated to the solo piano music of Julius Röntgen (1855-1932). Röntgen was a child prodigy and both a composer and a gifted pianist. From an early age, he composed ambitious works for the piano and continued to write for the piano throughout his performing and teaching career. Opus numbers were only applied to printed works, itself a fraction of his more than 600 compositions. Recent renewed interest in Röntgen has revealed many treasures still waiting to be awakened in the Röntgen Archives (Den Haag). Alongside a huge series of unknown string quartets, string trios, piano trios and symphonies there are some thirty piano sonatas and sonatinas from 1922-1932 alone. Röntgen started and ended his creative life as a piano composer.

I am indebted to Adrian Farmer and everyone at Nimbus Records for giving me the opportunity to be the first to record such wonderful but unknown piano music. I would also like to extend my thanks to Frits Wart at the Nederlands Musik Institut in Den Haag for his assistance in gaining access to the Röntgen archives. Finally, I want to thank the Röntgen family in The Netherlands for their support and assistance throughout this recording project.

The third CD in this series will be recorded at Nimbus recording studio in November 2016.

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